Exterior Painting and Pressure Washing

Kyle Collins Painting

offers you a

Free Pressure Washing

with a Complete Exterior Painting Contract. You may ask yourself what's the purpose of pressure washing your home/business before painting. It’s a great way to maintain your home/business natural beauty and preserves the paint. There’s many reason but I’ll give you the most important reasons: to remove all dirt, mold and mildew to allow the paint to bond to the surface better. We have highly trained professionals who perform all your pressure washing needs. 

Kyle Collins Painting offers other pressure washing services such as: Driveways, Walkways, Porches, Roofs, Gazebos, Boat Docks, Decks, Pool Area, Pool Cages, Sheds, Fences, ext....   
✴Prepping before Painting✴

Protecting your home/business project with one (1) free coat of sealer. By applying sealer you’re ensuring for a solid bond. By locking down any chalking or oxidation on walls. Surfaces with rust will be treated with a rust blocker then primed. By doing this steps we will be extending the life and durability of your painting projects. We then dig out around the foundation to paint below the grass line, trim any bushes up against the home/business and move any furniture, flower pots, and any other objects to protect against paint droppings.


✴Starting Painting✴

We are very meticulous on caulking around all doors, door jams, windows, stucco bands and all corner's or anywhere needed. Applying tape and plastic to all windows and screen's to protect from paint. Using tarps to cover all bushes, concrete, fencing and any other structure needed. We recommend applying two (2) coats of paint to all walls, trim, and doors. Giving you the most for your money. Kyle Collins Painting only uses High Quality Paints and Primers. To ensure for a longer lasting brilliance of your colors and longevity of your job.


✴Giving your home/business a 
Brand New Look
 your neighbors will WOW over✴


✴All work performed✴
Kyle Collins Painting
 will receive a Five (5) year
 worry free guarantee!

✴Pressure Washing✴



& More!

Protecting structures

around your home/business such as, Rod Iron, Front Porch, Back Porch, Decks, Boat Docks, Pool Decks and Roofs. By maintaining your new paint job with light maintenance like pressure washing once or twice a year. You can protect your Investment and Increasing your homes value by preserving your new paint jobs.   

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