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Kyle Collins Painting, Pressure Washing, Rotten Wood Replacement, New Decks, Concrete & Wood Painting, Staining or Sealing. At Kyle Collins Painting we put Customer Satisfaction and reliability first. We pride ourselves on being a Company that you can count on being Professional and trustworthy offering a wide range of different skills from Interior & Exterior Painting, Pressure Washing (any and all surfaces), Rotten Wood Replacement as well as building new additional decks and other structures. Kyle Collins Painting we take all the frustration out of choosing different contractor(s) when Kyle Collins Painting gives their customer(s) a peace of mind knowing that all work will be done properly by professionals. We are a Small Company ran by Kyle Collins (Owner). I do work and I am present on all job sites as much as possible. With a smaller crew that allows me to be more hands-on and more particular about the work being performed to ensure Kyle Collins Painting always produces a product all customer and/or business owners would be proud of. 

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      Kyle Collins Painting is a full service company from start to finish. Providing you with Insight about your project and keeping you up to date. As well as giving you the courtesy of a start time and approximate time we’ll be done each day. At the end of each day the area will be cleaned and all material will be placed together and out of the way. I myself like to walk around the home/business at the end of each day with my guys as well as homeowner(s) and/or management or business owner to make sure you’re happy with your project. So I can provide you with a step-by-step of the work being performed daily. At that time if you have questions about the products that we’ll be using or other issues we can discuss it at that time.


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